• camphora

    Copi Chon — Camphora

    Camphora by Copi Chon released February 16, 2017 EZH059 Электронный музыкант из Санкт-Петербурга Женя Копичон представил второй полноформатный альбом Camphora. «Сколько себя помню, в голове всегда играла музыка, в основе […]

  • infinity-1

    CherryVata — Infinity

    Infinity by CherryVata released December 21, 2016 EZH057 Представляем EP «Infinity» от группы CherryVata. Это первый диск коллектива после выхода альбома «Viavanilla» (2009). В работу вошло 9 треков, среди которых […]


    Awlnight — Dmitry Chaykin

    Dmitry Chaykin by Awlnight Новый альбом от минского битмейкера Дмитрия Лукойтя представляет собой коллаж, бережно нарезанный и собранный воедино из фанк-, соул-, хип-хоп- и прог-рок-композиций 80-х. 

  • baikal


    BAIKAL EP by B A I K A L released June 30, 2015 EZH048 «Enjoy this ‘Siberian chillwave’. Light as a flock of seagulls above the peaceful lake Baikal. Nostalgic, […]

  • nextstage

    Awlnight — Next Stage

    Next Stage by Awlnight released April 14, 2015 EZH046 Next Stage is the first official release by Minsk-based musician and beat-maker Dmitry Lukoits under his new alias Awlnight. Recently he […]

  • hhh

    Hamlet His Highness — Narcissus

    Narcissus by Hamlet His Highness EZH044 released March 17, 2015 The secret of album Hamlet His Highness – Narcissus is that you must listen to it with all thoughts and […]

  • combo

    Surreal Drama — Combo

    Combo by Surreal Drama released January 21, 2015 EZH04 In this album, artist completely changed the concept of his project Surreal Drama. His recent works could be tagged as trip-hop, […]

  • gorbach_ocassion

    Gorbach — Special Occasion

    Special Occasion by Gorbach released December 31, 2014 EZH041 One of the first artists of our label Pavel Gorbach wishes you a happy new year and presents his new release! […]

  • philanker1

    Phil Anker — Anywhere For You

    Anywhere For You by Phil Anker released November 27, 2014 EZH038 Anywhere For You is a debut album by a Minsk-based electronic musician and beat-maker Sergey Smirnov (Phil Anker). The […]

  • copichon

    Copi Chon — Vulcanvacuum

    Vulcanvacuum by Copi Chon released October 16, 2014 EZH036 In a very particular way, in Copi Chon’s music a lot of unexpected things come together: echoes of shaman flutes, techno […]

  • thorn

    Thorn1 — The Light of Random Star

    The Light of Random Star by Thorn1 released September 4, 2014 EZH034 Hailing from Barnaul in Siberia, Thorn1 is Evgeny Zheyda. Source recordings of acoustic guitars are manipulated into epic […]

  • angelsdust

    Gorbach — Angel’s Dust

    Gorbach — Angel's Dust by Gorbach released December 27, 2013 EZH025 We are happy to present Pavel Gorbach’s debut album Angel’s Dust! Gorbach is a solo project of a dynastic […]

  • lastnight

    Diamos Roll — Last Night

    Diamos Roll — Last Night by Diamos Roll released December 25, 2013 Label: Ezhevika & Ultra Vague Recordings EZH024, uvr1310 Vocals by Rusia (www.shuma.by, www.kazalpin.com Track #1 was first published&mastering […]

  • tetsatet

    Gran+ — Tet A Tet​/​Night

    Gran+ — Tet A Tet/Night by Gran+ released December 19, 2013 EZH023 Sergei Drobyshevsky (Gran+) is an artist from Molodechno who participated at IDM-project Eelp Cat in the beginning of […]

  • reflection

    That Sky — Reflection

    That Sky — Reflection by That Sky released October 2, 2013 EZH021 That Sky – «Reflection» / Re-Released in 2013 All music written and performed by That sky Mixed & […]

  • fitzzgerald

    Fitzzgerald — Techno Kids

    Fitzzgerald — Techno Kids by Fitzzgerald released August 29, 2013 EZH020 Introduce a new artist on the Ezhevika! Producer from Minsk presents a one track single «Techno Kids». Enjoy. Новый […]